The b*free CORE program is a carefully designed immersive cohort experience for aspiring and new freelancers. We meet you where you are, focusing on three integrated, mutually reinforcing drivers for freelancing sustainably.



Building a sustainable freelance business

Mentorship, tools, and resources to identify your freelance focus; develop practical skills to grow and sustain your freelance business.

Self Development

Values FOR living and working more freelY

Deepen your self-knowledge and self-trust to navigate the challenges of working and living with greater freedom. 


Aligning Your work, mind, and body

Learn accessible and fun healing practices to integrate into your day to boost work productivity and wellbeing.



The b*free CORE immersive program is held live (in person) once a week for 5 weeks with 12-15 members per cohort. Each day integrates a focus on practical business skills, self-development, and health and wellness.

Join us!

week 1 - we are free

∗ curating your inspiration

∗ what do YOU want to freelance in

∗ b*present - breath work + meditation


week 2 - we are gifted

∗ communicate your contribution

I. branding
II. website + social media
III. experiential marketing

∗ fear(less) communication + public speaking

∗ b*connected - voice work + deep listening

week 3 - we are equal

∗ form + operate your business

I.  legal
II. bookkeeping + tax prep

∗ space-time

∗ b*integrated - integrated, conscious movement

week 4 - we are in power

∗ relationships for your freelance foundation

∗ freelance work: step by step

I. get work
II. scope work
III. price work + negotiate
IV. contract + get paid + non-payment
V. start + navigate work

∗ b*centered - strengthen, soften + relate from the core

week 5 - we are grounded

∗ change :: fear :: uncertainty

∗ your health + wellness

∗ freedom in community

∗ b*whole - ground, root + calm nervous system



Additional Core Features

* Daily healthy, tasty breakfast + lunch provided

* Wellness station to explore healthy living tools + guides

* Beautiful relaxed setting conducive to learning, comfort, and fun! 

* Weekly cohort support calls between immersive sessions

* Guided opportunities to connect with cohort and co-creators to grow your network 


services for established, new, and aspiring freelancers include:

* personal 1-on-1 coaching

* coaching in a group setting

* mentorship + consulting on specific focus areas in your freelance journey (e.g. closing the deal)

* support to identify + prioritize meaningful and relevant work opportunities, potential collaborators, and people who can help scale your work

* access, introductions, and connections to our community and network of work opportunities, people, and organizations 


We are building and evolving our community services and offerings in 2019 TO responD to you! WE HEAR YOU + WE’RE COMING!!

b*free live events – workshops to meet your needs that integrate pragmatic skills, self development, and health + wellness; opportunities to connect with our co-creator mentors for support, and a chance to be and share with a supportive peer community

  • New live events facilitated by our founder and co-creators will be posted here as of August 2019. Stay tuned and check back soon!

b*free live video call – the intent of this global, live video call is to help you re-create the way you work in service of your wellbeing and sustainability

  • Workplace as Healing Space will launch in 2019 to provide you with integrated supports across self-development, embodied wellness and business/organizational challenges. Stay tuned and check back soon!